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In this day and age, nearly every household uses a home office to some extent. The strategy we focus on is creating a perfect office environment within a home study or office space.

Some features include:


Voice over Internet Protocol is the fastest growing feature Internet application globally. Your existing broadband could be used as a communication tool to make phone calls. Some benefits include savings on telephone bills (Long distance and International).


ISDN Onramp 2:

A digital service replacing the old analogue PSTN line. Being digital there are a number of additional features eg: ability to make and receive calls simultaneously, fast Internet dial up, integrated fax.


Integrating FAX / Modem / Phone:

One of the biggest problems faced is the integration of broadband onto the existing phone and fax line. Problems such as static and fax malfunction can easily be avoided through proper installation of filters. We can provide support to ensure optimal functionality.


Broadband connections:

Supply and Installation of broadband Internet access.


Cordless access:

Installation of cordless phones, giving the client optimal quality across the whole house or other work areas. eg: access of phone service to shed with transfer links to the study or home office.


Wireless access:

Designing the work area to be wireless, running wireless cards from computer or laptops to one server that prints/faxes/connects to Internet and other computer networks ( perfect in an environment with laptops).

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